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Myūto - Featured Exhibition



Myūto (muted)
Opening October 20th, 2022
An exhibition of works featuring Japanese artists Aya Oki and Kazuki Takizawa.

Trifecta: Glass – Art – Lounge is excited to host this modern show with a curatorial focus on muted colors, neutral tones, contemporary shapes, and clean lines. As the gallery’s inaugural ‘feature’ exhibition, Myūto embodies the fusion of ideas and artistic approaches that serve as a key characteristic of the Trifecta vision.

Aya Oki is a Japanese artist based in San Bernardino, California.
Her focus is on the interaction between the medium and the life brought to glass through blowing. She controls the materiality of glass and uses her personal process to illuminate it. She considers glass to be a very sensual material and actively seeks to model her vision of its sensibility.
She completed her undergraduate and master’s degree in glass at the Aichi University of Education, Japan. Aya was awarded the Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists from the Pola Art Foundation and the Program of Overseas
Study for Upcoming Artists from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan for studying abroad as a researching artist. She then went to California State University, San Bernardino before completing her MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Aya has been traveling the world last few years as an instructor, a student, a visiting artist and an artist in residence. Recently, she received Murano Scholarship supported by Pilchuck Glass School and Laguna B to work with Maestros in Murano, Italy.

Takizawa is a Japanese glass artist based in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BFA in glass art in 2010 and currently owns and runs KT Glassworks.
As an artist who lives with bipolar disorder, Kazuki Takizawa uses glass as a means to explore his inner reality and destigmatize mental illness. In an aim to give the

invisible shape, Takizawa crafts elaborate vessels and installations, each with a unique story. Universally rooted in a dialogue around mental health, his series examine broad themes such as attaining minimalism among chaos as well as personal narratives around family, and his individual challenges. Takizawa has travelled to numerous communities in and outside the US to share his work and act as an advocate for mental illness. His practice offers an uncommon and inclusive space to increase awareness and start a conversation.